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How long is an RTT session?

The session is usually 2hrs max, 1 sitting.

What if I already know the reasons for my issues?

While our conscious minds do sometimes know where issues stem from, they’re not always able to access what’s stored, locked into the subconscious mind & only in a state of hypnosis can these be addressed & re-programmed. 

What will RTT feel like?

Hypnotherapy is where you go into a deep state of relaxation, where your conscious & active mind rests allowing the subconscious to be accessed. You’re suggestible in this state of & this is what we use to change the pictures & meanings you’ve attributed to certain events. Sometimes the memories have been locked away for a long time & you’ll recall those previously forgot.  Some memories relate to sad, traumatic events, but know you’re not re-living those events, only reviewing them so you understand what the root cause of current difficulty is you’re experiencing.  By understanding, we address & change the meaning attached to any event.

Will it bring back unwanted memories?

Everything that’s ever happened to you is stored in your subconscious or your conscious memory.  RTT is a way to look at them & remove any power that has over your behaviour now.  It can be you look at memories of events that you haven’t considered for a long time, or you’ve suppressed but they’re now controlling, influencing your life in a negative way.  Hypnosis enables you to handle these safely & effectively, so they no longer control your life & you’re free of them.  Cultivating a source of great power & strength.

When will I feel a difference?

Some people notice it immediately & there are 3 types of change: instant, cumulative & retrospective.  So dependant on the concerns, it varies for all. Usually when layered concerns are presenting it can take 1-3 sessions to unpick. You’re given an audio recording soon after session to listen to as often as you wish, but at least once a day for 21 days.  

Clients experience a deep feeling of relaxation & often describe feeling refreshed & energised after hypnosis. Sometimes they feel sleepy & some experience a cathartic release.

Are sessions Confidential?

Yes everything is confidential, with the exception of safeguarding concerns.

What do you do with my contact details after the session?

You can read my full privacy policy HERE

Who is Marisa peer?

Named ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’, Marisa has spent over three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty & Olympic athletes. Her pioneering RTT has helped thousands of people overcome profound personal issues permanently.

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